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Prelude Concerts bring together gifted young musicians with renowned artists, as they perform together chamber music in a unique setting. Their audience enjoy a first class concert and maybe the first appearance of a rising star. Through Prelude’s arrangements, young musicians receive the opportunity to rehearse and perform alongside renowned musicians and to gain experience for their future artistic life.

The series includes Family and Evening concerts with internationally renowned guest artists who perform alongside the Prelude Concerts ensemble. The Family concert offers a special theme introduced by the moderator Andres Peer Kähler. A younger audience is invited to listen and think through an interactive musical adventure. 

The Evening concert has a full program with intermission. Each concert features a young talented artist “in residence” alongside the ensemble players.

A personal note from Hila Karni

My daughter, violinist Lir Vaginsky (18) came to me when she was 10 years old and asked if she could also perform in one of my chamber music concerts. She asked very often! I noticed that there were no venues in Berlin that offer this opportunity to young musicians, and I thus decided to start promoting the idea of creating such a series of concerts.

Prelude Concerts, an ensemble of wonderful artists who perform alongside extremely talented young musicians was born in 2015.

Through the mutual work, sometimes only on a single movement, comes incredible learning, experience and joy on all sides.

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